Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

Die hard fans
Rage through existence,
Canceled left and right
For their own narcissism.
Like a sitting duck
Ones fate is surely sealed;
When kindness is forgotten
To endorse the lesser evil.

Speak now brave warrior-
Or forever hold your shame.
Announce a startling penance
As you whisper my name:
She who was wronged not forgotten
Sits quietly in the yard.
Moping about the leaves,
Hanging there in tandem,
Tied closely to a tree;

She who was forgotten not wronged
Sits bankrupt in the dark,
An acoustic without echo,
Empty reverb from the heart.
She who was wronged and forgave…
The passive non-existence
Of a world that’s been censored
Into an early grave.

© Finding Fina 2022



coding on a computer screen
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

To sigh is rolling the eyes in spirit;

Consuming the cookies of truth
Put Big Tech on its knees.

No ownership or right to repair,
Enslaved to the monthly fees.
Fight or flight to protect data,
Her own algorithm betrays.
One legal precedent rules them,
Disinformation defender days.

Wisdom, then foresight;
O, it’s a binary new world.
Tracking by likes/dislikes,
Past set in stone,
Location cell phone,
Eaten whole by a digital whale 🐳

If, dismissing false narratives
Then, enslaved by the truth.

Knowledge of balance is
Patience; a forthright
talent many dissolve
In battle.

The dichotomy of dogma:
Censorship is trending
To the clouds.

© Finding Fina 2021



Photo by Jake Weirick on Unsplash

Haunted. Talisman. Found.
Ah, the joys of death…
Eternal death sounds sweet.

Dusk’s first shadow
doesn’t end in marriage.
Crooked forest rendezvous,
When lightning strikes it comes in twos,
A random type of miscarriage.

The latest ill-dystopia:
Future post Aokigahara.
Stabilize the demons;
Quisquous soul of souls,
Godhead on a totem pole
Guides the young to old.

Travelers floating ‘round the world,
Pale ghosts, reminiscent memories,
Hollow cries of trifled lives:
The place where the rope dies.

Beware the sadness, forest, tears,
Lost loves, abandoned dreams, hopeless fears.
Unified darkness summons her there,
To add to the madness survivors can’t bear.



Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

Fresh starts all around.
Confidence now, electric waves,
Rise of the shadows casting shade
Upon the life I never really played.

Surmount the failures,
Reveal a royal flush.
Condoned behaviors
Trapped by loyal touch;

Inside a maze built on sticks and stone,
Hardened mud and yellowed brittle bones.

Down-stroke token, no refund;
Empty hedge-fund, groundless tort;
Abyss in your heart, a three-leafed clover
Always falling short.

I need more wing space,
I’m about to start my own race.
Not one of color or of creed
But a light that glows so faintly.

Zig-Zag, criss-cross, upside down;
Electric field tsunami waves.
Black light tow ecstatic made;
Bittersweet existence fades.

I’m about to start a fire;
Wet matches, expired fuel and some type of lighter.
Never attaining beauty books beholden,
The game over a fool’s life token.

© Finding Fina 2021