Knowing Your True Self:

3 Methods to Knowing Exactly What You Want in 2019

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  1. Search Within Yourself- You have All the Answers!

The best way to know what you want is to ask yourself! It may seem silly at first, but how many times have you had an in depth conversation with your true self and been completely honest? 🤔

“Self-knowledge is essential not only to writing, but to doing almost anything really well. It allows you to work through from a deep place — from the deep, dark corners of your subconscious mind.” - Meg Rosoff

The first step to communicating with your true self is to make an appointment to do so! Start with the practice of daily meditation. It’s that simple! There is a plethora of information online about different styles of meditation which I will not go into here, but I implore you to do some research and find a method that is right for you.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Choose any method which feels natural for you and allows you to connect to your true self.

Don’t feel like researching? Click here for a brief description on how I practice daily meditation.

2. Set Yourself Up For Success - A Healthy Body Yields a Healthy Mind !

The old adage, ‘you are what you eat’ is something I’ve always believed in. If you put good things inside of your body, your body will produce good things for you! 😀

Setting yourself up for success is more than just a mental game- it also means taking care of your physical self by practicing a healthy diet, exercise, and non-invasive forms of therapy that can induce optimal human performance, well-being, and self-image.

There are so many different ways one can approach this. I implore you to research a routine that is right for you. Above all, the most important thing is to be consistent. Albeit don’t be afraid to have a cheat day once in a while. Like Benjamin Franklin said, “Everything’s good in moderation-including moderation!”

Once your self-image and confidence levels are optimal, you will be in alignment to tune into your true self and have greater understanding of who you are, what you want, and where you are going.

Don’t feel like researching? Click here for a brief description on my diet, exercise, and other non-invasive therapies that optimize my performance, self-image, and well-being.

3. Nurture Your Thought Power Through Out the Day- You’re in Control!

The key to knowing your true self is to being in control of your own life.

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.”

-Irene C. Kassorla

Refrain from allowing other people to control your happiness.

Take ownership and accountability of your life by harnessing the power of your mind and steering your true self in the direction you have identified through daily meditations.

Learning to take absolute control and ownership of every thought, feeling, and action you create will allow you face time with your true self.

You may be interested in this article, “Imagination: 3 Tips to Strengthen Thought-Power” :

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Fina’s Final Findings 🤓

It took me some time to find my true self. Over the last several years I practiced daily meditations, optimized my lifestyle to be as healthy as possible, and learned how to dismiss the negativity some people tried to project on my life.

If you don’t know what you want, people will take advantage of you and steer you in a direction that benefits their happiness instead of your happiness.

Don’t be a puppet; allow yourself to be a master of your true self, your body, your mind, and your life. The sooner you unveil your true self, the sooner you will reach your true potential.

So have your people call your people and set up an appointment with your true self today, LOL. You got this!💙



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